Second-Half Success!

Maximize the Next 6 Months

Things you can do to experience even more success in the remainder of 2019!

Set Your Target

  1. What needs to be done?

    1. Create action items​.

    2. Prioritize.

  2. Says who?

    1. How do you know you must do "those" things specifically?​

  3. Talk to your mentor or a niche professional.​

  4. Assess your reality​.

    1. Time assessment​.

    2. Financial assessment.

    3. Assess your "willingness!"

      1. How bad do you want it?​


  1. Go public!

  2. Post! Boost! Share!​

  3. Schedule a live event.

    1. ​Workshop, book signing, interview, etc.​​

  4. Participate in "current" training in your niche.

    1. Webinar, conference, material, etc.

  5. Make (or update!) flyers and business cards.​

  6. Create a new dimension.

    1. Redefine your interface

  7. Merchandising​

  8. Media & Publicity


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