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11 FB & IG Algorithm Hacks

Why you should care about this info

  • 60% of consumers visit your FB page before visiting your brick & mortar location

  • 80% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from you if they find a credible and authentic FB page associated with your business

  • 62% of consumers say FB is the most important and useful social media channel to research small businesses

We’re talking about Facebook and Instagram here. Of 1.3 billion FB users, 75% of them log in every day. These users refresh their feeds 11-15 times per day. There are no other platforms with this volume of active users and FB wants to keep it that way. They want people to enjoy their time socializing on the site, and you want to take advantage of that time to promote your product or service. The following outlines eleven hacks to get the best visibility on your posts according to FB’s current algorithms….By the way, FB purchased IG, so their system goals apply to that platform as well.

Hack 1: Completing

For organic posts (not sponsored ads), priority will be given to longer videos with higher completion rates. These will show up higher in the feed. “Longer” refers to 90+ seconds. “Completion” refers to captivating videos that cause a user to watch it entirely. Preference will be given to post that provide this type of authentic and timely content. Those that do not will be penalized with low visibility. You must be creative and create quality content that ignites authentic interest.


Hack 2: Promoting

If people close and hide your posts from their feed your posts will be penalized. Consequently, any post that is overly saturated with promotions will be penalized. The FB “Overly Promotional Posts Rule” says that outbound links to blogs, sites, promotions, giveaways or contests aggressively imposing on people to like/share/comment will all be penalized and shown less in the feed. If you continue to post overly promotional items, FB will flag your whole page altogether and all of your activity will be penalized.


Hack 3: Trending

Current events or trending topics will be given priority. FB will be searching for key words and phrases that relate to current affairs. Highly engaging authentic and timely posts are given priority. People moved from business pages to group pages to try to get around these things, but now the rules for business pages apply to groups also. Be relevant and conscientious, always posting fresh content that users will relate to.


Hack 4: Targeting

Targeting is when you select certain followers to view certain posts. FB can track behaviors, demographics, and connections. You can even build “custom audiences” or “lookalikes.” When you boost a post you can create a custom audience of people who, for example, just had a baby 0-3 months ago, CEOs, those who just got engaged, people who make a certain amount of money, people who have been with the same employer for so long, etc. Also, if you upload your email list, FB can analyze those people’s behaviors and suggest lookalikes – other users who resemble people you already have as customers! Behaviors like DIYers, fashionistas, foodies, gamers, etc. can be identified by online activity and through spending patterns provided through FB’s partnerships with companies like Data Logistics and Transunion.


Hack 5: Scheduling

Now people can engage your post in the news feed and when a user clicks on it you can send them a prescheduled message directly through FB Messenger! You can send a discount code for their first purchase on your site, a freebie for clicking, etc. The sky is the limit.


Hack 6: Canvassing

You can create a post that takes up the entire mobile screen! This is called a "canvas experience." Maximizing a users full screen allows you to have the users undivided attention. After being captivated with your awesome canvas ad, they'll be more inclined to click and connect.


Hack 7: Interacting

For business advertising, don’t send links to videos hosted elsewhere. Upload videos directly into FB. Create content that encourages interaction. Users want to share posts that put them in a positive light, so keep that in mind. Hot news, motivational, or inspirational messages will be given priority. *EPHRIAM HOUSE family, it’s our time!! Society desires motivation right now, and those of us in Christian vocation have the perfect opportunity to let our lights shine. Best of all, FB will give our posts priority in the feed! You can also build a custom audience to follow-up with based on people who have interacted with your page. Win-Win!


Hack 8: Sponsoring

  • 62% of consumers use FB to make purchase decisions

  • 12% use Pinterest

  • 11% use Twitter

  • 9% use Instagram

Too many consumers are including FB in their spending habits for you not to be actively engaged. Only about 1.6-2% of your followers actually see what you’re posting. To beat this you need to be posting sponsored content. 58% of consumers engage with an FB ad at least once before spending money with a small business. Open your FB page. The first spot in the news feed is a close friend or family member who FB thinks you want to see. The second spot of content in the news feed that you see is a “sponsored post.” You want to be in this spot! To get here, you create an ad to promote your page. Most small business owners are spending near $2.00 per day on the right custom audience to reach around 5k people.


Ads -

Hack 9: Giving

Stop users from scrolling past you! Grab their attention! There is no getting around the ever-pressing need to be creative. A great way to do this is to offer users something that they can’t ignore. People love freebies, so give something away! Find clever ways to offer value to your niche. Consider “How To” vids, or PDF cheat sheets such as “5 Steps to This” or “7 Keys to That.” A great PDF cheat sheet can make you look like the expert! Don’t forget, use vibrant pics and bright colors that contrast the FB blue and white.


Hack 10: Collecting

After all the work of promoting your page and connecting with users, you have to start building relationships. You need to create a “collector form” for them to complete in order to claim that awesome freebie they stopped scrolling for! You don’t want to ask for too much info, but enough for you to build a relationship. What you’re doing is collecting subscribers, which you will find is extremely valuable as you go forward in online business.


Hack 11: Nurturing

  • 85% of “in-store” shoppers don’t purchase on their first visit

  • 98% of “online” shoppers don’t purchase on their first visit

It’s likely that someone will engage your ad, subscribe for a freebie, and still not be quite ready to purchase with you. Nurturing is how you get subscribers to become purchasers. You need a "nurturing sequence." Consumers who receive a follow up message from you are more likely to spend money with you. Autoresponders are helpful! Automation allows you to stay in contact for as long as necessary for them to become customers and buyers of your product or service.



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